OTTO — the “Bookie Monster”

Watching-OttoTo help meet the ever-increasing demands placed on your Library, the Foundation partnered with the Town to purchase an  Automated  Materials  Handler .    It uses  technology  to check-in and sort materials and allow staff more face-to-face time with you, our patrons. This handler was named “Otto: The Bookie Monster” and was unveiled on October 30th.

The Foundation will be “feeding” Otto $25K  per quarter for two years, but his lifespan is expected to be 20+ years… a great  investment!

Your gift  will  go  a  long  way  towards feeding our “Bookie Monster” and other emerging needs.

David Green, the Library Systems Manager, says, “The AMH has been transformational: automating time-consuming and monotonous tasks, eradicating long queues of backlogged books, and allowing staff to be more nimble and available. The outcome is improved customer service. The AMH is now a prominent feature of the library. I love watching the children grip onto the windows, smiling, pointing, and following books along the conveyors.”


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