Opening Day Collection Project

The Chapel Hill Public Library Foundation is leading a drive to fund an Opening Day Collection for our new expanded Library, scheduled to open in early 2013. — Listen to our recent public service announcement!  (The volume slider is on the top of the audio box.)

Read about it in, Opening Day Collection. Excerpts from the article (emphasis added):

“The new version of our library will be 125% the size of the old and with a huge increase in WiFi space which will draw more users to the new areas for community meetings and public programs. …The library now checks out about 3,000 books and other items every day or over 1 MILLION each year. With the increase in space, the library is also expecting an increase in borrowing – of approximately of 30–40%!”

“So while construction crews are working on the building, the Chapel Hill Public Library Foundation is working to fill that extra space with an extraordinary number of new materials. The Foundation is hoping to donate enough money to allow the library to purchase about 20,000 books and digital materials, arriving catalogued and shelf-ready for immediate use on opening day.”

“The good news is that the Foundation … has already raised half of the $300,000 it will take to buy all those materials. Thanks to the many generous folks who got us that far.”

The next half is up to you and your friends and neighbors. Please join the Foundation’s efforts to provide the full Opening Day Collection grant to our wonderful and busy Chapel Hill Public Library. In order to have the materials ready for the very first visitors, the Foundation will need to complete its gift (with your help) by the end of 2012.”

DONATE NOW to the Opening Day Collection Project!

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