Ensuring Excellence Campaign: 2012-2015

The Chapel Hill Public Library is the most used public library of its size in North Carolina, setting a record each year for the largest circulation per capita state-wide.  Chapel Hill has a need to read.  The Library provides access to computers and e-readers; a collection of print books, e-books, and audio books; CD’s and DVD’s; and many electronic information databases.  Chapel Hill has an exceptional library building, after a renovation and expansion created a whole new and exciting library.

But thatChild in Library is just one part of the story.  The Library relies on the Library Foundation for private support to enhance essential programs and services, with a special emphasis upon enriching collections.  The services, programs, and resources provided by the Library truly define its heart and soul.  Our Library needs supporters like you to help build these important components that seed learning, germinate minds, grow understanding, bring people together in conversation, and connect each of us to a larger community.  You can help our Library achieve and maintain a standard of excellence that will serve, sustain and enrich our community now and for generations to come.

In 2006, the Foundation launched Ensuring Excellence – a capital campaign designed to increase private support to give our Library a margin of excellence.  So far, the Foundation has secured and distributed more than $1,000,000 to the Library.

The Ensuring Excellence campaign was divided into three phases.  The first was 9300 Books Now! – an initiative to grow the Library collection by 9300 new items.  The second added new collection materials – print books, CDs and DVDs, electronic reference databases, children’s literacy stations, and e-books & e-readers.

The third and final phase launched in 2012, with the construction of the new Library, and concluded in 2015.  It targeted funding to enhance the expanded Library, including an Opening Day Collection project, new service programs, more interactive resources for teens and children, mobile technologies, and other elements that help define the “Library of the Future.”

The Campaign Goal was $1 Million.

Make a tax-deductible contribution to the Foundation’s Ensuring Excellence capital campaign today.  Your charitable campaign gift will help the Library meet its priorities, enhance its services and facilities, and assist the Foundation in its mission of enriching our community by helping our library collections grow.

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Listed below are areas of need — choose one or more of the areas that are of particular interest to you and your family.

Collections Fund (Expendable and endowment):  A fund supporting the acquisition and accessibility of print and non-print materials for our community.

  • Adult materials
  • Teen materials
  • Children’s materials

Goal: $400,000
$150,000 Expendable (Opening Day Collection for expanded Library – 2013)
$250,000 Expendable or Endowment (for future acquisitions)

Program Fund (Expendable or endowment):  Supporting educational, civic, cultural, and recreational programs for all members of the community.
Goal: $175,000

Digital Initiative Fund (Expendable or endowment):  Supporting the exploration, implementation, and expansion of emerging and existing technologies.
Goal: $150,000

Furnishings Fund (Expendable):  Furnishings and art for the expanded Library with an emphasis on the Teen space and the Children’s space.
Goal: $125,000

Library General Support Fund* (Expendable):  Supporting all aspects of library service.
Goal: $50,000 annual distribution from the Love Trust assets

*Note: Because this fund is supported by the Love Trust, the goal is not included in the campaign total.

Foundation General Support Fund (Expendable):  Supporting the annual operating costs of the Foundation.
Goal: $150,000


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