About the Foundation

All public libraries rely on a combination of public and private funding to ensure excellence.  This is why the Chapel Hill Public Library Foundation Library Teenswas established in 1997 to support and enrich the capabilities, resources, and services of the Chapel Hill Public Library.  The Foundation does this by fundraising and advocacy that benefits our diverse community and promotes greater awareness of the Library’s valuable resources.

The Foundation’s leadership has been impressive from its start to the present day.  Robert Woodruff, Michelle Lewis, Gene Pease, and George Cianciolo have all served as President of the Board of Directors. Currently, Rob Maitland is the President. The Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.  Independent contractors provide executive leadership and bookkeeping services.

The Foundation is audited on an annual basis.  Audits are performed by Blackman & Sloop, Certified Public Accountants.  The Foundation’s current assets (reported in 2014) are $1,542,775.00.  An Investment Committee comprised of experienced financial industry volunteers oversees the management of funds.  See Managing Funds.

Original assets of the Foundation came from the Cornelia Spencer Love Trust, which was established in 1982 and managed by the Town before the Foundation was given management responsibility in 1999.

Our previous fundraising campaign, Ensuring Excellence, was launched in 2006 and ended last year.  Our upcoming campaign will take us to the year 2020.

Below, George Cianciolo, former Foundation President, and Melissa Cain, former Foundation Executive Director, talk about the mission of the Chapel Hill Public Library Foundation in this WCHL audio interview.

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